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Once you (Page) Pop, the Fun won't stop!
Alex Wack

One of Page Manager's most beloved features is making a comeback in Composer.

Exciting news everyone: PagePops are coming to Composer in our next update! A "PagePop" is a block of content that "pops" out at visitors over a specified page or pages. They provide a quick and easy way guaranteed to get the attention of anyone who visits. Since PagePops are overlaid above the page, visitors have to interact and close the PagePop in order to continue navigating your sites.


PagePops in Page Manager are tried, true and well-loved, though not without room for improvement. Composer PagePops preserve what works best in Page Manager PagePops, while streamlining management, organization and display using the cutting edge technologies powering all of Composer.

Managing your PagePops takes place directly inside Composer with a UI more consistent with pages, banners, themes and permissions. PagePops are listed on the right menu and organized by status, with the added ability to filter the list of PagePops by name and/or status.

Speaking of statuses, we went through all the list of potential statuses of Page Manager PagePops and pared it down a simple set of 4 statuses. Composer PagePops are either: Active, Scheduled, Unscheduled or Expired. No more confusion about which published version is presented to your visitors. PagePops will only appear on your site based on their start and end times and any change made to an Active PagePop appear instantly.

The BEST part about Composer PagePops are the improvements we've made to how they're presented to your visitors. We rebuilt the way PagePops are displayed from the ground up, using CSS3 animations and transitions.

Interacting with PagePops is now the only thing more fun than saying "PagePop"!

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