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Product News: New Integrations for FinalsiteApply and the Finalsite LMS
Mia Major

We are pleased to announce an exciting new integration between SSATB and FinalsiteApply, a new integration for the Finalsite LMS, and a few other notable enhancements.

FinalsiteApply Now Integrates with SSATB's Standard Online Application (SAO)

Yesterday, Finalsite and SSATB announced an exciting new partnership aimed to create a new standard for online admissions. Intended to help admissions staff process a higher volume of applications without sacrificing data integrity, this new partnership will improve the processes and workflows of admissions offices that accept the SAO.

The integration offers numerous advantages to applicants, families and schools also using FinalsiteApply.

Admissions teams and applicants benefit from a streamlined experience. Once an applicant enters their information into the SAO, it's automatically entered in FinalsiteApply — meaning applicants won't waste time entering information twice, and your admissions team won't be left sifting through duplicate applications.

Since the applications will be managed in FinalsiteApply, admissions teams will be able to access student and parent information in a centralized location that offers robust reporting capabilities, private and personalized messaging, online checklists, and more.

This integration represents Finalsite and SSATB's commitment to develop new technology that improves the lives of its users. With nearly 500 schools accepting the SAO, we expect that these schools will instantly benefit from improved data integrity and an improved workflow.

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A New Integration With Crocodoc Makes Grading Even Easier on the Finalsite LMS

Finalsite's dropbox welcomed a highly-anticipated new update at the beginning of April: an integration with Crocodoc that allows teachers to annotate student documents without downloading the assignment first.

By simply clicking the new "Annotate" button on a dropbox submission, teachers can choose from a variety of tools to annotate the student's work, write comments, draw, highlight and strikethrough text.

An option to "save and close" lets teachers keep the annotations private until they're ready to share with students. Posting feedback provides a link to the marked up document in the dropbox stream. And here's the best part: If you're using gradebook, you can mark up the document and post a grade all in one step.

This feature is available for files of type *.doc, *.docx, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.xls, *.xlsx, and *.pdf.

New LMS Features Built from Client Feedback

Many LMS enhancements come directly from client feedback, including two recent updates that improve online communications. First, new blog and discussion elements can be highlighted right on the class home page — this was something teachers have been asking for a while, and we're excited to now offer this capability.

Another small but frequently asked for request was the ability to organize discussion boards. Discussion boards can also now be ordered or archived to avoid clutter and confusion.

A final update offers more customization for calendar events. Schools can now create multiple event types like 'assignment' and 'project' for dropbox. In addition, schools can choose to display the assignment on both the assigned date and due date, which is great for long-term assignments.

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