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Software Update, 11/14
Justin Ober

Hello, everyone!

We're back with round two of this release! This set of updates involves a few changes to Constituent Manager, eNotify, the LMS, Calendars, Media Manager, and more (basically, everything we didn't update last week).

Below are the general improvements and bug fixes that will be going out over the next few days:


  • We corrected an issue that was causing some output issues when emojis were in the subject lines of eNotify drafts.

LMS Gradebook

  • Corrected the issue where gradebook settings didn't seem to "stick".
  • Gradebook settings should now be accurately reflected in the parent and student views of the active gradebook.

LMS Dropbox

  • The Dropbox upload limit has been increased to 500MB.

LMS Calendar

  • The "Add Event" flag will no longer erroneously appear on group space calendars where the user cannot add an event.

LMS Attendance

  • Teachers will now be able to set "Excused" / "Unexcused" on class attendance.
  • In the Attendance Admin view, there will now be filters for "Excused" and "Unexcused" as well as daily and class records.
  • Teachers now have view-only access to future attendance data.
  • We will be including a student/parent view of attendance, which can be enabled in LMS Manager.

iOS App

  • The "About Team" section will no longer be cut off in Coach Mobile.

Constituent Manager

  • Corrected an issue where some Constituent Manager exports were timing out.
  • All Student role fields have had their visibility status set to "no one" by default.
  • When dragging a new profile field into a role profile in Constituent Manager > Settings > Fields, the visibility setting will default to "no one".
  • Exports will now include the last updated field.
  • UK counties are now available in the Address Block.

Calendar Manager

  • iCal feeds that involve many different calendars can now have URLs that exceed 256 characters.
  • Calendars up to 1.5MB will now be automatically refreshed once a day (the limit was previously 1.0MB). Calendars above 1.5MB will need to be refreshed manually.

Athletics Manager

  • We have added UK counties to the location addresses.


  • The new editor now allows multiple styles to be added to a post or content element block quote.

Media Manager

  • Any permissions set on Media Galleries will now apply in Composer.


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