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Software Update, 8/7
Justin Ober

Hi, everyone.

It's time for another update! This week's software release is full of tweaks and new features all across the Finalsite platform.

First up, Composer has gotten some new features, including one that's been long-awaited by both clients and Finalsite staff. Users can now bulk-update the pages in an entire branch to edit their SEO data, security status, visibility settings, and more.

File Manager has gotten a light refresh to the file icons to give them ADA-compliant labels and bring them in line with Finalsite's more modern visual style. We've also made some tweaks to Composer's Page Layout and Appearance menu, Page Pops, and Posts.

The Publications feature for Posts is now available, allowing schools to use the Posts module to create beautiful online magazines and other sophisticated presentations for long-running content. Publications are an additional cost upgrade for Posts; contact your Client Success Manager for additional details.

Posts uses the next iteration of the text editor that Finalsite is currently optimizing for use throughout the software. As we tweak it some of the button placements are moving around, so be aware of that if you're editing posts very quickly! And on the Composer side, the Posts Tools element now includes options for displaying "Previous" and "Next" buttons that readers can use to jump from one post to another on a site page.

Lastly this week, the editor that you see in Posts is a preview of the next editor update that we'll eventually use throughout Finalsite. We're going to start talking about this editor on the Software Update blog as a new improvement category. (If you'd like to use it now on more modules than just Posts, contact Support and we'll be happy to talk to you about it!)

This update began rolling out to live servers this past weekend, and will proceed over the next day or so. There's a lot more going on - take a look at what else you'll notice that's new.


  • The Bulk Update tool for Composer pages is now available.
  • Date Ranges in Calendar, eNotify Archive, News, etc. elements will once again work as expected.
  • Tweaked the "Page Layout and Appearance" menu to ensure that all menu labels are visible on all devices/screens.

Athletics Manager:

  • We've restored the ability to display the "Event Year" dropdown menu on the Athletics Events Element Settings menu.


  • Posts Collections can now be included in Posts Dynamic Content elements.

File Manager:

  • Updated the Edit, View, Where Used and Delete buttons to a more modern style, and added titles for ADA compliance.


  • Updated styling on PagePops.


  • Publications for Posts are now available - contact Client Success for more details.
  • Users who don't have "Publish" permission will now see an actual alert message when they save a post, rather than a perpetual progress indicator.
  • Added some additional visual styling and cleanups.
  • Adding a thumbnail to a Post will no longer impact the other styling on the screen.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing extra '/' characters to be added to web URLs in links.
  • The editor has received some new buttons, and others have shifted around.


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