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The Best Things Come in Pairs: Finalsite and Senior Systems Integration
Mia Major

Some things just work better in pairs. Milk and cookies. Rock and roll. Iced tea and lemonade. Finalsite and Senior Systems.

The Finalsite and Senior Systems integration is a lifesaver for dozens of Finalsite clients. Here’s why:

You’ll Save Time.

Your IT department has more important tasks at the beginning of the school year than to manually create online classes and update constituent information. This daunting (yet essential) works adds stress, and takes away from the time they should be spending on other projects (like implementing school-wide WiFi for your iPad 1:1 Program).

Our integration with Senior Systems supports more than 40 data points (with more on the way), so important class and constituent data is automatically updated in Finalsite.

“The Senior Systems integration with Finalsite is one of our greatest assets. It saves countless hours each year and needs almost no maintenance. It allows a seamless updating of our students’ academic information that takes a huge stress off our technology department." Jason Kern, Director of Technoloy at The Oakridge School

You’ll Ensure Data Integrity.

Simply put, you’ll have more consistent and accurate data. The integration replaces manual data sheet uploads, so you can be sure that constituent and classroom information is up-to-date and up to your standards. And since the API calls take place over an SSL connection, you can relax knowing that your data is safe and the connection is secure.

Your Faculty Will Love You For It.

When it comes to introducing new technology into the school, it’s not always easy to win points with teachers and other faculty. Since Finalsite and Senior Systems integrate, you won’t have to introduce any new software, so they can continue using the familiar platforms they love. And, Finalsite’s deep linking and single sign on options within Senior Systems and My BackPack allows faculty and students to jump from one platform to the other in just a couple of clicks.

You’ll Have Outstanding Support.

Since we work closely with Senior Systems, you can be sure that both of our teams are here for you and ready to answer all your questions. At Finalsite you’ll have a dedicated Project Manager and Integration Specialist to oversee the project from start to finish (and then you’ll have our friendly, in-house Support Team ready to answer any additional questions).

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