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The Major Influence of Micro-Moments: Griffith University Open Day
Olivia Malaure

In this article we explore how Griffith University in Queensland broadcast its open day live to an online audience in Australia and overseas, demonstrating how schools can provide additional avenues for their target audience to consume their content and how they catered for students who couldn't physically attend the open day.

Griffith University Open Day 1

Imagine we're back in April 2016. Facebook rival and millennial darling Snapchat, reports more than 10 billion videos daily. Facebook has just released its latest video feature, Facebook Live and Founder Mark Zuckerberg updates his profile (to his 88,459,166 followers!) with this statement:

"Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world. When you interact live, you feel connected in a more personal way. This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it's going to create new opportunities for people to come together."

Fast forward to April 2017 and as big brands learn how to apply social apps to create micro-moments for the surging millennial, the education sector is running on all cylinders to keep up. Micro-moments, which Google defines as real-time moments of consumer discovery that occur on mobile devices, are little touch points that can add up to big moments for brands who are present with compelling content when consumers are on their mobile phones to find places to go and things to do.

Griffith University first researched which channels their audience were actively using, before leveraging Snapchat and Facebook Live, making them one of the first Australian universities who have successfully rolled out a real-time experience for an Open Day. Live video is even more powerful than pre-recorded video and can produce up to 3x more engagement. Griffith wanted to create a social campaign that would capture the University's millennial audience given their appetite for on-demand content and real-time experiences.

In an age of international enrolments, global families and hectic schedules, bringing the Open Day experience online helped students and parents view the potential of Griffith University from anywhere and on any device. Throughout the day, Griffith created seven Facebook Live streams, attracting 57,000 views, and sent multiple Snapchats from two separate campuses, achieving several hundred views each time. They also worked to promote the live event activity via other social channels, including Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Griffith University 2

For schools tempted to jump in and experiment with this type of campaign, you need to have a strategy and understand that even content that appears unprepared needs to be planned to make sure that it's timely and relevant to the campaign's storyline.

Running a live video campaign is similar to the process of TV production. During the planning stages, it's recommended that you write down all of your strategic recommendations, from simple login instructions, talent casting, on-location 4G/Wi-Fi testing, production equipment, such as Steadicams, social media and production crew and of course your budget.

In the case of Griffith University, on the actual open day they had a total of seven people on the ground. There was the host, producer, camera crew and assistant, someone checking adequate 4G signals (and in some cases Wi-Fi), moderator feeding back the Facebook audience's questions to our producer, community manager (moderating responses that streamed in) and paid support – plus the Snapchat team.

In terms of the overall ROI and measuring effectiveness the success of the campaign was based solely on brand awareness.

  • Total campaign impressions: 1.85 million
  • Facebook total engagements: 8,951
  • Facebook likes increased by more than 1,000
  • 21,114 total minutes watched
  • Instagram: 2,678 likes and comments
  • LinkedIn: 23,254 impressions and up to 26 interactions per post

Griffith University marketing and communications director Dean Gould says the campaign "exceeded" all expectations. "With more than 18,000 attending the Open Day in person, these live-streamed events allowed us to reach an outstanding number of potential future students in real-time. We were able to answer questions as they were asked and confirm our position as an innovative, pioneering university," he says.

Griffith University 3

The strategic direction provided Griffith with a way to effectively communicate with audiences on Snapchat and Facebook Live. These relatively new social channels delivered direct, unfiltered messaging valued by younger people who are often tired of traditional marketing messages. Understanding your audience is key to any successful campaign. This audience calls for raw, authentic, uncut content, and that's what Griffith University aimed to achieve for the Open Day project.

For examples of other schools that have incorporated Facebook Live campaigns into their school marketing activities read our blog Facebook Live is The Next Best Thing For Schools


Olivia Malaure

Olivia works with schools worldwide to develop and implement social media strategies. She began her career in television and has worked with production companies including the BBC, Disney and Southern Star Australia. Transferring her skills to the corporate world, she has worked as a leadership skills coach and trained teams from blue chip companies including Coca Cola, AMP and IBM. Prior to her current role as Social Media Specialist at FinalsiteUK, Olivia was Deputy Editor for Families Magazine. Holding a Bachelor of Dramatic Art and a Diploma of Digital Marketing (CIM), her blend of experience gives her a unique understanding of audiences, branding, and storytelling. Olivia has 14+ years of experience working in corporate coaching, publishing and digital marketing.

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