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There's Something Sticky On My Site
David Decker

"Sticky" doesn't have the best connotation for real life or web design. We think of gum stuck to the bottom of our shoe, being stuck in traffic, or getting stuck on a website that doesn't load quick enough.

But recent developments in web design are making getting stuck a good thing.

There are no tried and true methods in designing great websites, but there are some visual and development trends that keep showing up in recent website designs. As a leader in website design for the education industry, recognizing, developing and refining these design trends allows Finalsite to stay on the leading edge of web design and development for our clients.

One recent trend that seems to be gaining more and more popularity with web designers and developers is the use of sticky menus for site navigation. You might ask, what's a sticky menu? Simply put, sticky menus are navigation elements that stay in one location on a site even when the user moves a webpage up or down.

Having a site's navigation options always present is a great UI feature that allows users to quickly navigate around site or page without having to scroll back to the top of the page.

One example of a Finalsite-developed sticky menus can be found on For Westtown School, we developed two sticky menus. The first is top menu that collapses to show only main site navigation when to user scrolls through both the homepage and lower level pages. The second is the pagination or jump menu that stays visible on the left side of the homepage. This menu allows users to jump to different areas of the homepage quickly without having to scroll to them.

As you can see in the screen shot below, the blue menu is their navigation, and the vertical panel of icons docked on the left side of the screen is their jump menu.

As you scroll through the site, you'll notice they both stay where they started, because they're "stuck."

These types of menus allow users to move easily through a site without having to do extra scrolling. In the end, have a site that is easy to navigate is the most important part in developing and launching a successful website.

Check out other examples of sticky menus on the following websites.

St. Paul's School for Girls

ESOL Education

Rye Country Day School

The Episcopal School of Dallas

Maybe you want to add a sticky menu to your website? Contact us to find out how you can!

David Decker

About the Author | David Decker

David Decker is the Creative Director at Finalsite. With 15 years experience, and a track record for doing great work at companies like and, David is known for his eye for design here at Finalsite.

Leading our team of award-winning designers, David seeks new ways to help our schools stay ahead in the competitive market using innovative web design trends.

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