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You Can't Afford to Miss a Web Strategy Workshop This Fall — Here's Why
Stephanie Griffin

Earlier this year, I shared three reasons school professionals should attend a Web Strategy Workshop in the spring. Our team had lots of strategies to share about inbound and content marketing, and making the most of your website. As we gear up for their return this fall (and of course, the new school year), there are even more reasons to attend with new sessions, new cities, and new host schools! We've also taken your feedback into consideration to make the most of these free, one-day events.

Web Strategy Workshop Page on

During our workshops this fall, we'll focus on taking your school's website from good to great with today's web trends including user-generated content and social media, greater integration and flow-through for the other software systems you use, and increased focus on inbound marketing.

See why over 300 schools professionals said a workshop was a must-attend event!

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Awesome Networking Opportunities

These workshops are open to both Finalsite clients and non-clients, meaning you have the opportunity to learn from a lot of different schools in your area. At each workshop, we usually see a 50/50 split between clients and non-clients — so if you were worried about being the only non-Finalsite person there, you won't be! Each session focuses on an industry trend, so even if you don't use Finalsite, you can take a lot of great information back to your office.

Learn New Trends You Need To Hear, Practical Strategies You Need to Know

As the industry-leader in web design and digital communications for schools, our team knows the web, social media, email, and web design inside and out — and they want to share their knowledge with you!

This year's sessions include new insight like:

  • Best practices for engaging current and prospective families
  • Making a good first impression with your school website
  • And more!

During the workshop, you'll learn how to take your website to the next level when it comes to engagement with current and prospective constituents. In one of the workshop's new sessions, you'll learn on the best kind of website content, information architecture, and emails that spark interest and conversations.

(If you're interested in how to bring this type of engagement to social media, you do not want to miss our #SchoolsGetSocial Social Media Workshop in October, either!)

Be Inspired by a School Spotlight

We know that we learn best from each other, so we're honoring our host schools better than ever before with a school spotlight.

Bishop Dunne Catholic School Homepage

Each host school has their own accomplishments, obstacles, and "ah-ha!" moments they will be sharing during each workshop's "School Spotlight" session. Depending on the workshop, you'll gain insight into a different strategy — from website redesigns to parent communications.

Have an Interactive Discussion About Your Website

No one knows your website better than you, and these workshops allow you the opportunity to share what's working, what may need work, and what you just don't get about your website. This interactive discussion is beneficial for everyone in the room as our experts will then take what you have to say and relate it back to how you can tie your online content and overall design to meet your school's marketing and overall brand.

Finalsite's Lorrie Jackson Speaking With Clients

We're covering the entire globe with our workshops - see where we're heading. If you don't see your city and want to host a workshop, please email!

Finalsite's Web Strategy Workshops

Stephanie Griffin

Stephanie brings a fresh new marketing perspective with her background in social media, communications, and radio broadcasting. She is a co-producer for the FinalsiteFM podcast network and is passionate about helping schools stay ahead of their marketing goals by tracking new trends and developments. She is also a practicing singer/songwriter and loves to expand her creativity in DIY projects.


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