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Mass Notifications 10.47 release notes

Welcome to the 10.47 release of Mass Notifications. This maintenance-focused update ensures a more stable and efficient platform for our users. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, this release will be rolled out on the following dates: 12/20, 12/27, and 1/2. 

Thank you for your continued partnership.

New Functionality/User Experience

These features exclusively support users:

  • Self-Enablement of email unflagging: this will allow the support users to unflag the bad email from the report section without any dependencies. The time delay due to internal processes will be reduced
  • Orphaned accounts deletion: will enable support users to delete the orphaned accounts from the School District this will reduce the bad data presence and storage in our application

Bug fixes/resolved issues:

  • Reports
    • Summary report will display precise data for the user under the bad phone/email report
  • Messages
    • Users can select parents and students for sending messages instead of restricting only one at a time
    • Users can send SMS as per the package enabled for SMS and will not be restricted or affected if the content has UTF-16 characters
    • The file name on the attachment will remain as it is while sending & after receiving messages
  • App Config
    • Resolved an issue where the RSS feed is not pulling images due to SSL Error retrieving the image from the source URL
  • Call me to record
    • Users will be able to use the 'Call me to record' feature. 
  • Create Message
    • 'Create a Message > Choose > District > Groups' no longer loads all groups. It loads 10 and then you need to click Load More to load another 10. Our development team is working to solve this issue, and we'll post as soon as there are further updates.   

That’s all, for now. We appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestions for improving Mass Notifications. 

Your input helps us enhance the user experience and deliver better with each release. Thank you for your support, and we'll see you in the next release!

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