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Software Update, 1/6/2017
Justin Ober

Hi everybody, Happy New Year!

We're starting January off with some new features, as well as a security update and other tweaks.

First up, we're making a change that will impact schools using their sites to populate content in other systems, such as creating web pages to use as digital signage. When you embed a Finalsite page in another platform now, you'll have to first authorize that platform to use Finalsite content. We did this primarily as a way to prevent what are known as "clickjacking" attacks, where the content from a legitimate website (such as yours) is used to surreptitiously mask some sort of nefarious intent. This hasn't been a problem for Finalsite users - and we intend to keep it that way! Authorizing external platforms is easy, you just have to go to the Site Information menu (on Page Manager) or the Domain Settings menu (on Composer) and type in the web address of the outside system - see the note below for screenshots.

Next, we've got a new feature to reveal that has been long-awaited by many, particularly those who came to Finalsite via SchoolSuite. When you configure the confirmation emails that users receive after submitting a form, you'll now see a "Personalize" button on the "Notifications and Redirects" tab in Forms Manager. This lets you insert some of your Form fields (such as "Salutation" or "First Name") into the confirmation email so that you can address form respondents by name. If you've ever created a personalized eNotice, this will all feel very familiar. Give it a shot and let us know how you use it, and if we can make it even better.

Elsewhere, we've made some improvements to the Athletics Event element so that it's more intuitive and focuses more on information that's relevant to site visitors. Calendar elements got some love, too: the Description field will work now even with longer content, and the Search tools will display more events for end users, farther out in the future.

Read on for more details, and welcome back!


Athletics Manager

  • The dropdown menu in Athletics Events elements will now only allow users to select and view a year that actually has at least one event scheduled in it.
  • The window that appears when users click on an iCal Feeds link will now include both Calendar AND Athletics Event feed links (previously, only calendar feeds were available here.)
  • Athletics Events elements will now display the contents of the "Opponent" and "Custom Title" fields more consistently when/if they're used.

Calendar Manager

  • Events with very long Descriptions will no longer be cut off when displayed on site pages.
  • Calendar Search will now look beyond the current month for events that match the search terms.

Constituent Manager

  • When generating an export of Constituents, the "Last Updated Date" field will now be available in the export file.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing titles to be center-aligned in Dynamic Content (News) elements when they were set to left-aligned.
  • A new "FS Academy - Marketing" demo template is now available.

Forms Manager

  • The "Notifications and Redirects" tab now features a "Personalize" button that can be used to address form confirmation emails directly to the recipient. Note that any fields used as personalization placeholders must be set as "Required" fields on the form. Click the "Personalize" button to display a list of required fields which can be used to personalize the form response. Click on a field name to add its value to each respondent's confirmation email.
  • We've updated the language in the emails that admins receive whenever a recurring payment is processed. The new email template has more details about the recurrence plan each payment belongs to.
  • Athletics Manager
  • Calendar Manager
  • Composer
  • Constituent Manager
  • eNotify
  • Forms Manager

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