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Software Update: August 29th, 2023
Misty Flowers

Autumn supposedly approaches, though the temperatures rise. We are one step ahead of you “keeping you cool” as you serve your students and families who love clear communication. 

We see you falling in love with our new Forms event registration fields, and have improved the format of the email sent to you when someone submits a form to now include more event details. RSVP labels will show up more clearly in the individual submission details, helping you plan for events. Also, forms with multiple fields measuring capacity will continue to accept submissions even when one field meets capacity. Another important fix is that now the option “zero” truly does mean nothing instead of a “non-answer” and forms can be submitted without a hitch.

Also, admin users being granted Messages Folder permissions were supposed to have permissions to all lists in that folder, and now they really will. This is the time of the year when communication is everything. No more obstacles. Get those messages out and let everyone’s voice be heard in the messaging.  


  • Submission emails now include all event registration fields and RSVP labels.
  • Forms with capacity met on one field will remain open, allowing other fields to be filled as expected.  


  • Fix on Folder permissions, granting access to send to all contact lists in the folder without the need to request permission.

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