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Software Update: December 1, 2018
Keegan Soncha

We have super exciting news -- Messages is coming out of beta very soon! You will be able to self-enable Messages, if you currently have Composer, eNotify, and have enabled Resources, on or after December 15, so keep an eye out for our next Release Notes!

This time around, Messages got some update love with template permissions, dynamic content, user personalization, list descriptions, and user email preferences. See below for all of the details!

Also in this release, we have added some requested Calendar design features, updated Resources UI, and added new Composer layouts!  

Look out for these updates, some of which we’re all pretty excited about, on Monday! 


  • By popular demand, we have added some additional Composer layout options for  ⅓  and  ⅔  Page Layouts in the Element Library! 
  • Use the element’s layout button (next to the copy and settings buttons) to switch between different layouts formats without losing your elements.
  • The short month name and date format  has been added to the standard calendar selections (ex: Oct 21). This was a favorite amongst our designers and it’s now available to everyone!
  • We have adjusted the Calendar Grid View when Saturday and Sunday are combined, so that there is a visible line between the days’ events. 
  • We have added a warning to admin users if they try to embed iframe code with errors.  


  • We have fixed a bug affecting Posts permissions so that now, when permissions are set on a board, they will stick.
  • In the Posts element, admins can now set Posts to appear in alphabetical order by Title! 


  • When Resource elements are set to open in a pop-up, a new “Display slideshow controls in pop-up” can be used to provide visitors with the ability to slideshow all the other resources in the collection without leaving the pop-up!
  • We have reinstated the Link to a Resource button following lots of feedback after a recent release! There is a warning posted for admins about these URLs, as well.
  • When downloading Private Files, the file name will now stick to the downloaded file.

Finalsite Learn

  • The admin in the first position for a group will now appear as the teacher on the Publish & Export list of submitted classes.

Messages (Beta)

  • We have updated the permissions levels for Messages templates. Admin and View & Edit rights levels were added. Please note, View rights will allow for editing anything that is “unlocked.” If you are curious by what we mean by “unlocked”, Messages allows you to lock specific rows on templates so that people are unable to edit them. 
  • Athletic dynamic content filters are now available in Messages. 
  • Similar to how it currently works in eNotify, when removing a dynamic group from Messages, users’ subscriptions will be removed, but they will not be considered “unsubscribed.”  A trash can icon has also been added to the right of each group. 
  • Users can now opt to sign up for lists in the Notifications view found in the user’s Account bar dropdown.
  • Admins can now enter a List description that will show when users are signing up for lists in the Notifications view.
  • Users can now set their email preferences for which Messages they want to receive per email on the Preferences view.
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