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Software Update: December 12, 2023
Misty Flowers

This software release provides some crowd control and fixes that will surely lighten your load. When sending out messages, a fun collaboration between the Locations and Messages modules allows for location restricted permissions to be set. This means that admins sending out Important Announcement messages can be limited to their assigned locations more easily than ever before by choosing “View & Send by Location” in Messages global permissions. You can trust that messages will be going out to where they’re supposed to go. 

The USD currency symbol was engaging in some mischievous behavior in Forms. This has been resolved and your forms will now correctly display the chosen currency types and symbols. In event planning, setting capacity limits ensures that details can be set appropriately. Deleted submissions will be removed from capacity numbers in Registration fields, allowing you to welcome as many of your community to your events as possible! 


  • An exciting release allows for the setting of Location restricted bulk permissions which will limit Important Announcement messages sent by admins to only be sent to assigned location(s). 


  • USD symbols were overriding alternative currencies. We put them back in their place so that the symbol will display with the chosen currency type.
  • A minor adjustment has been made, restoring the "task completed" checkmark to its rightful place within a circle after configuring a "thank you message" with a form, providing a visual confirmation of completed tasks without errors.
  • Registration field capacity limits can be more accurately configured as deleted submissions are being removed from the total. 


  • A fix applied in the Publications feature in Posts ensures that visitors can smoothly select the Issue they’d like to read on a particular page. 


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