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Software Update: December 15, 2018
Keegan Soncha

Hi Everyone,

Get excited! After our release this weekend, you will be able to self-enable Messages on your site. If you have Composer and eNotify, and Resources is already turned on, you will be able to navigate to Modules > Messages and get started with Messages. For more information, check out our Knowledge Base section dedicated to Messages!

We also have a couple of enhancement requests and bug fixes that came as a result of our attendees at Finalsite Prep. With two days of intense training, we found two things that could be fixed and/or improved! You can find these two in the Resources section below.


  • An additional filter was added to the “All Resources” view so that you can filter on images that are being used on the site. This paired with the “No Alt Text” filter should be pretty powerful. 
  • The Where Used menu will now include locations in Messages and its templates, if a resource is being used there.
  • The Resource Galleries view now includes a column with the folder name where the Resource resides.
  • Posts users who select multiple resources’ attachments will no longer see an option to add resources to a Gallery. 


  • When comments are enabled on a Posts Collection, an error will no longer appear when trying to share a comment. 


  • After this weekend, you will be able to self-enable Messages! 
  • A Preview option has been added to Messages while you are entering Message Details. 
  • An issue was corrected in the “Find Recipient” section where the mailing list was displaying instead of the subject line of a sent Message. 
  • An issue was fixed where custom merge tags were not displaying correctly. 
  • The date and time on the Find Recipient log should now appear in your school’s time zone. 
  • A blank email address will no longer prevent you from subscribing a group or constituent to a mailing list.
  • In Dynamic Content, styling will no longer be available for not-recommended options.


  • Not all administrators for a site have ticketing rights. We’ve simplified the process for others in your organization to request help by using the “Contact Site Administrator” option in the support menu. 
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