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Software Update: December 17, 2021
Lauren Lentini

We’re back in business! Well, of course, we never left. But after a couple small releases and a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes, our jubilant development team is bringing us plentiful gifts in this release, just in time for the holidays. In fact, this will most likely be our last release for the year, so we’ll see you again in 2022!

Let’s review the cornucopia of updates coming to your sites this Friday. We’ll add an option to “republish” a post if you want to share it via Social Media Connections. We’ve fixed an issue with displaying external resources in the Mobile App. We’re even getting rid of that pesky date autofill when you’re trying to schedule a post to publish in Chrome. (As someone who encounters that every time I schedule this very blog, I can only say, hooray!)

Most importantly, perhaps, we’re making a change to how archived messages work. It’s safe to say that bulk email is never private. (No email truly is, as long as your recipient has a “Forward” button.) Previously, our archived message URLs followed the same principle as Resources: They were not crawled by search engines unless they were displayed on a public page (usually in a Messages element). Going forward, we won’t allow those URLs to be crawled in our settings.

There’s even more to celebrate in this update, so keep reading to find out all about it!


  • We’re removing the Delete Form button from the Submissions tab, to prevent confusion over deleting individual submissions. (Note: You can delete a submission using the trashcan icon on that row of the submissions table. And you’ll still be able to delete the form from the other tabs or the Forms list view.)

  • We’ve fixed an issue that was causing an error message to be shown in cases where the payment was completed successfully.

  • A warning icon will appear next to a field that requires payment if you don’t have a payment type selected for the form.


  • The archive URL for a message will not be indexed by search engines, even if it is available on a public site page.

Mobile App

  • We’ve fixed an issue with external resources not displaying in the Mobile App.


  • If you have autofill turned on in your Chrome browser, it will no longer get in the way of the date picker in the scheduling fields for a post.

Social Media Connections

  • We’ve fixed an issue with sharing an updated post to social media if the post already had a publish date and time scheduled.

  • If you attempt to enable sharing on a previously published post, you’ll see a warning message and have the option to republish the post in order to share it immediately. 

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