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Software Update: January 28, 2022
Lauren Lentini

Happy new year! This year got off to a bumpy start, and technically it’s closer to Valentine’s Day than New Year’s Day, but we can still celebrate the first release of 2022. And tell you that we love you. (We’ve got another update scheduled before Valentine’s Day, but can’t we all use a little love?)

Our indefatigable developers have amassed a tidy list of smashed bugs, including some persistent 0s and 100s in Messages that will now reflect their true values. You can read all about them in the list below. We’re also introducing YouTube Resources as a new resource type, allowing you to create a video resource using a YouTube URL.

Finally, as we first mentioned back in October, we are progressively moving toward serving 100% of our site pages over a secure (HTTPS) connection. Well over 99% of pages on our platform already use HTTPS exclusively, so this should have no impact on the majority of sites or pages. We are now removing the option to serve pages over HTTP and forcing any with that setting enabled today to be served over HTTPS instead.


  • We have removed the ability for pages to be served over HTTP only.


  • Admins will receive an email notification if a scheduled form causes the site to go over its maximum allotted active forms.

  • We’ve fixed an intermittent issue with completing a form’s payment fields in Chrome on iOS. 


  • Changes to the Messages transactional template that overwrote local edits have been reverted. 

  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Engagement Reporting so that it no longer reads 100% every time. 

  • The calendar view on the Messages tab will now reflect the site’s time zone setting. 

  • It will now be possible to see an accurate count of mobile subscribers to a list, even when there aren’t any email subscribers on that list. 


  • You can now create YouTube resources using the new YouTube resource type. YouTube resources display YouTube videos in the YouTube player alongside any other resources that might appear in Composer Resource elements. (Note that YouTube resources cannot be displayed in the Mobile App.) 

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