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Software Update: January 9, 2024
Misty Flowers

Happy New Year! Re-engage your community as everyone returns from holiday break. Look ahead at your 2024 calendar and consider how Forms Plus, a powerful new add-on to Finalsite Forms, can add efficiency to your registration process.

Placing an RSVP field onto a form allows you to confirm how many guests will attend your event. A fix is being applied allowing for the use of RSVP fields to collaborate more smoothly with conditional form fields so that the conditional action is being triggered as expected.

When sending out communication from the Messages module, it’s possible to choose one or many channels including Email, Voice, SMS, and/or a mobile app notification. A new prompt in the mobile app channel alerts you when the body content area is empty, preventing the message from being sent out. SMS messages sent to mobile numbers defined as a "shared household number" are now being sent out and included in the subscriber count.

Communication is everything, so we continue to do our best to support you as you work toward your 2024 goals of engagement in your school community and beyond! 


  • Enhancements to RSVP fields will now trigger corresponding conditional fields as anticipated. 


  • A new warning prompt will display in the absence of body content in the mobile app channel, also preventing the message from being sent empty. 
  • SMS and Voice messages sent to mobile numbers labeled as shared household numbers will be sent successfully. 

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