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Software Update: July 28th, 2023
Misty Flowers

We see you working together to check off those lists and make your websites sparkle, as you are just days and weeks away from reopening those school doors. Teamwork makes the dream work! And now your team can move pages across domains. A super enticing page on your high school site can be cloned and then moved for use by a counterpart on another school site. Collaboration! Efficiency! 

Aid sometimes comes in the form of a visual that helps you assess your progress. A new feature in Forms provides a field counter, a simple reassurance that you are within your limits while building those great forms. 

Times like this, we all need a little extra help as we race against the clock. Our team is excited to invite you to a live webinar “From Good to Great: Elevate Your Back-to-School Website Game” on August 10th at 12:00pm ET where you will hear some tips on engaging your families. Register now.


  • Pages can now be moved from one domain to another.


  • A permissions adjustment gives you confidence that the rights being granted are what your team is experiencing.
  • When cloning a message, simple templates can now be edited.


  • Field counter displays the number of fields used in a form.

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