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Software Update: November 10, 2018
Keegan Soncha

This weekend's release has some great updates and bugs we were able to squash to make your experience better. First of all, we are excited to announce that the file system in Messages is now linked to Resources! Curious about Messages? Please feel free to check out our Knowledge Base section on that topic. Want to check out Messages first hand? Reach out to your Client Success Manager and they can get you started. 

Another change your Portal users will notice is in the Account Dropdown in the Account Bar.  We decided to streamline this section with fewer options.  As a result, options like Groups, Messages, and Files can all be accessed within the Groups Dashboard, and will no longer appear in the Account Dropdown.  If a user has a group notification it will appear as a number in a small circle next to the Groups Dashboard Account Bar link, as well. If they are looking for password and account related items, they can go to the “Profile” option. 


  • Accessibility edits have been made to the 404 pages so that the title html tag remains where it should. 


  • When a Default Board Post Page is deleted, any enabled RSS and Subscriptions are removed.

Finalsite Learn

  • When teachers do not have the option to set class attendance as excused or unexcused, the status set by the Attendance Admin will persist even after the teacher has submitted attendance.

Constituent Manager

  • Manually adding a household address in Constituent Manager will no longer cause an error.

Forms Plus

  • The Seating view of form results will no longer show duplicate rows of attendee results.


  • For those schools with a Veracross Athletics integration, Scores and Results fields can now be “unmapped”, so that they can be populated as needed in Athletics Manager.  

Messages (Beta)

  • Group Subscriptions, when added as a dynamic subscription, will now update when a list is saved as well as updated nightly, too. 
  • Some users noticed that the “Template Base” text was appearing as preview text for the messages in certain email clients; this has now been removed.
  • Dynamic Group Filters will now appear on Lists. Admins will also be able to delete the group filters, but it will leave any unsubscribed group users on the list. 
  • Operational Messages, separate from “marketing” messages, can now be displayed in the Messages Element, but only for people who have authenticated into the site and received the operational message.  
  • Users can now select files from Resource Manager within Messages Templates! Alternately, a Messages section will now also appear in Resources, when people upload from Messages directly.To migrate files from the previous file system in Messages or files from eNotify, check out our Knowledge Base Article.
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