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Software Update: November 19, 2021
Lauren Lentini

Our indomitable developers are still making that big push for the exciting new changes in Messages, but they’ve also added a few other goodies to the basket for this week’s software update. 

First up, we’re correcting an issue with the Rating field in our new Forms module -- you couldn’t select the lowest option! Although it did seem like a convenient way to boost some survey results, we highly value honesty and decided it was better to fix it. Bring on that negative feedback! We’re also making it possible to see which Page Pops have a message attached from the Page Pop list view.

Keep reading for an additional update to Posts notifications, and happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating next week! 


  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Rating field that prevented submitters from selecting a one-star (or -heart or -number) rating. 

Page Pops

  • A new column in the Page Pops list view indicates whether a pop has been linked to a message in Messages. 


  • We fixed an issue in which groups with Admin permissions for a board were not receiving publish requests or comment notifications.

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