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Software Update: November 27, 2023
Misty Flowers

Channeling milestone moments on social media builds camaraderie and school spirit. It may be that managing social media feeds got a bit tricky for you when Juicer released a new update, so we adjusted the feeds window to automatically expand the left navigation without having to tweak the size. 

Our clients love the granularity and specificity of permission levels here at Finalsite allowing site admins to freely welcome help but also have the ability to guide others to their assigned area. A fix this release ensures that banner-specific permissions will indeed override global permissions that are set so those smaller areas can be tag-teamed together. Check out the bullets below for more updates this release cycle. 

It’s our pleasure to serve you as you educate, inspire, and build community.


  • A fix in banners ensures that banner-specific permissions override global permissions that have been set.
  • If a security scan on your site ever returns a flag related to the Content Security Policy, we've made an update to make sure your domain passes this check.


  • A caching issue in Forms has been resolved and now confirms that the correct form fields are displaying with the chosen form name. 


  • All sent message details have been locked to avoid accidental edits post-send.


  • Tags are now correctly alphabetizing elements regardless of capitalization.


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