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Software Update: November 7, 2023
Misty Flowers

This is the time of the year when your community is ready to see what’s coming up next. A newly-enhanced feature in the Posts module allows you to push news out even more efficiently. Now, when adding content in a post, try out our new Resource Redirect feature to browse and select a resource directly rather than the copy and paste chore that slows you down.

In the process of creating a form, a few buttons in the bottom toolbar were throwing errors when clicked before the form was saved. Now you can focus on the basics of your form without any distractions or roadblocks.

Accessibility is at the heart of all we do. In accessibility, the word “focus” refers to the area of a screen that is active and being interacted with. A fix completed in this release ensures that the focus on your screen behaves as expected once a search field is cleared. Rest assured that our focus is in the details here at Finalsite.


  • We’ve sped up the process for connecting a resource as a redirect to a post. Give it a try in the External Redirect URL area of post creation.


  • An issue causing errors while utilizing toolbar buttons has been corrected.


  • The focus, or current location in search field navigation, has been fixed and is now behaving as expected so as to smooth out the journey and avoid any confusion. 

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