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Software Update: October 20, 2018
Justin Ober

Hi, everyone!

We’ve got a pretty standard release this week in terms of the number of items going out, but a few of the items on the list will have a big impact.

First up: you can clone posts now! Look for a “clone” icon to the right of a post’s entry when viewing boards.

The direct-access URLs displayed on the information panel in Resources have been causing more problems than they solve; those have been replaced with ‘Download’ buttons. While it’s helpful to be able to link directly to a file, linking to an unoptimized source file rather than an optimized resource can cause problems for users who click on those links outside of Composer (for instance, users on mobile devices clicking on links to video files saved in Resources would often get a broken link result rather than a media player). You can still link to resources via the buttons in the editor, or share them on pages using Resources elements. 

Messages (beta) continues adding features. Starting this week, you’ll be able to add a Messages element to site pages in order to display content from your Messages. Just like the Resources element, you can display only those messages which have a certain tag associated with them. Also, Reply-To addresses from non-school domains can now be created, although the owner of the email address will have to verify it before it can be used in Messages. 


  • You’ll see event and news updates from Finalsite’s Marketing team on the login screen again.

  • Layout elements (Accordions, Tabs, etc.) and the Groups element now have that cool “Dark mode” color scheme that’s all the rage these days.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing multiple Athletic Teams icons to display on top of one another in Athletic Teams elements.

Finalsite Learn

  • “Hidden” admins will no longer be displayed as a group admin in the Progress Report - Final Grade Status field.

Groups Manager

  • Dynamic Filters will now once again work properly with data sourced from the Athletics Manager module.

Messages (Beta)

  • The Messages element is now available in Composer. It can display content from the Messages module, including displaying all Messages with a specific tag.

  • Admins have more options for creating Reply-To addresses in the Settings menu. You will now be able to specify reply-to addresses from other domains; however, all reply-to addresses will have to be verified before they can be used in Messages.

  • Added visual confirmation and styling to the “Select custom font” screen.


  • You can now clone a post! Look for a “clone” icon to the right of each post entry when looking at Boards in the module.

  • Post elements will no longer load posts from other teachers’ boards when visitors click the “Load More” link on teacher pages.


Fixed a bug that was preventing images from scaling properly in the Safari browser.

  • We’ve standardized how to link to or display Resources. They can be displayed in dedicated Resources elements, or linked created via the buttons in the editor toolbar. We had been showing direct URLs to original resource files in the info panel in Resources; direct URLs will no longer be available in the Resources module (the direct URLs can cause problems for end users because they link to untracked, unoptimized files).

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