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Software Update: October 22, 2021
Lauren Lentini

We’re back with another light week in update-land, and at this point you might be wondering what’s been keeping our dazzling development team so busy. Well, it’s time for the big reveal: The Message Details screen is getting an overhaul!

The biggest change you’ll notice when this is included in a future release is the new tabbed interface. While you may have always thought of Messages as your bulk-email tool, it’s really a lot more than that. If you have our Mobile App, you’ve been using Messages for push notifications already. Soon, we’ll be adding additional features. Tabs will give us a cleaner look and room to grow as we add new communication channels.

As we look toward the (near) future, here’s something else to watch out for in November: To further ensure security standards across all of our sites, we’ll be discontinuing support for the option in Page Settings to serve the page over an insecure HTTP connection. As a first step, we’ll be setting every page to be "HTTPS only" in a future release. 

Well over 99% of pages on our platform already use HTTPS exclusively, so this should have no impact on the majority of sites or pages. However, if for some reason you require a page to use insecure HTTP, please let our Support team know so that we can work with you on a temporary solution before the option is removed entirely in early 2022.

We’ll have full details about all of these changes when we officially release them. Watch this space for more information, and keep reading to find out about this week’s updates!


  • We updated the Bulk Styling menu to provide more flexibility over which styles can be applied, as well as the ability to style all of the pages under a branch at one time.

  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused the Calendar Tools Legend element to continue to show a header for athletics events, even when they weren’t selected to display in the Calendar element.


  • We are changing the order of the custom invoiceID to make it easier to read on your gateway reports. Your custom number ID will appear in front of the number generated by Forms. 

Forms Manager

  • We fixed an issue that was preventing payment submissions on forms completed on iOS. (You read that right, this update is for our legacy Forms Manager module.)

Mobile App

  • We’ve updated the order of teams in the Athletics tab so they are displayed in the correct order, according to season (fall, winter, then spring).

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