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Software Update: October 6, 2018
Justin Ober

Hi everyone,

We’re back to our ordinary release schedule with this week’s release.

Resources has some more visible edits coming its way. We’re once again releasing the update that allows all images to be suppressed if they don’t have ADA-compliant alt text - that initially went out in the last release but came back in for further tweaking. We’ve also added the ability to expand the left-hand sidebar in order to read all of the folder labels (like you can do in Composer), which is very helpful in Resources. (You’ll find that expansion control in Posts, too!) 

Finally, Resources is being tweaked to prevent you from saving two folders or files with the same name in the same location. If you have, for instance, two subfolders named “Athletics” in the same folder, or two resources named “schedule” saved side-by-side in the same folder, this update will change the names of those resources to make them unique. Specifically, if one or more files/subfolders within a folder have identical names, we’ll look at the dates/times those resources were created and add sequential numbers (-1, -2, -3, etc.) to the end of the filenames for each duplicate. 

Messages (beta) users will see a bunch of new updates, including Composer elements, Mailing List upload capabilities, custom styling of Dynamic content, and more.

Finally, on payment forms we’re updating the “Credit Card” label to simply say “Card,” so as not to imply that debit cards are unacceptable. The actual card types your site accepts will not change (that’s still determined by your credit card gateway), this will just update the label on that field.

Read on for full details about what’s new!


  • Added “Messages” element to Composer (for users who have Messages enabled).

  • Fixed a bug that was causing ‘500’ errors and breaking whole directory pages when Constituent elements displayed a user with a space in the URL of their Personal Website.

  • Updated “Payments by Bluesnap” label in the Module Menu.

  • Corrected an issue preventing the “Personal Reports” element from appearing when it was supposed to.

  • Fixed the “Go” button on the calendar grid element, so users can once again actually see the events in the timeframe they’ve chosen, rather than just waiting patiently for their selected view to appear.

Forms Manager

  • On payment forms, “Credit Card” fields will now be labeled as simply “Card,” so that users are not confused about whether or not debit cards are acceptable. (The specific cards that your site accepts will not change, and will still depend on your gateway’s accepted card types.)

Messages (Beta)

  • Mailing lists can now be uploaded into Messages.

  • Subscriber names updated after de-duplication will be reflected accurately in both Constituent Manager and Messages.

  • Fixed “+Subscriber” button to work as expected when admins create a new Mailing List.

  • Corrected an issue causing personalization placeholder to appear at the end of subject lines rather than at the cursor position. (Have we mentioned that Messages allows you to personalize email subject lines? Because it can totally do that.)

  • Dynamic content in Messages can now be styled with custom fonts.

  • Added “Privacy” tab to Mailing List Settings; (this is required in order to allow signups to Mailing Lists).

  • Updated tooltips and control labels when editing Dynamic Content configurations.


  • Fixed a bug causing Alert icons to appear for slideshows even when set to remain hidden.

  • Added the “Collapse” function for the left sidebar of the module.


  • Added the “Collapse” function for the left sidebar.

  • Added the ability to display Resources in alphabetical order in List-, Grid- and Slideshow-View Resources elements.

  • New setting exists in Resource > Settings to improve ADA compliance by requiring all images in the editor have alternative text. When this option is enabled, users will not be able to add or edit images in the editor unless they specify alternative text for the image.

  • Added a uniqueness requirement for the names of files and folders in the same folder. If you try to give a new file/folder a name that already belongs to a different file/folder in the same folder, Resources will force the new file’s name to be unique by adding a number to the end of it.

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