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Software Update: September 12th, 2023
Misty Flowers

This release is a call to order for the reappearance of slideshow labels and post body table gridlines, not to mention the more accurate calculations made in counting form fields. We have put our foot down to stop this misbehavior!

In Forms, confusion about max per submission and capacity in registration fields has been cleared up, ensuring user confidence in the registration process. An adjustment in our new built-in Form Fields counter gives a more precise tally of your fields as you are building. Table gridlines in your Posts stay put, similar to the well-behaved ones in your Content elements. Your beloved Resource elements in slideshow format engage visitors with reinstated Next/Previous labels to help navigate through your stories. 

We love to monitor and improve items that stand in the way of ADA compliance, such as the contrast ratio in Calendar tools elements. Updated styling and two new separate windows now streamline the process of uploading external and YouTube videos into Resources. Be on your way to get that beautiful media onto your sites!  


  • Table gridlines are fixed so that they stay visible when placed into a Post body.


  • Our built-in Form Fields counter now offers a more accurate count.
  • Two areas of confusion with adding attendees and max per submission limits in registration fields are cleared up.  


  • Next/Previous labels have been reinstated and are visible in Resource elements in the slideshow format. 
  • Two newly-styled windows assist with the process of uploading external and YouTube videos into the Resources module. 


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