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Software Updates: April 27, 2019
Keegan Soncha

Hello everyone!

This week brings some exciting updates to our new modules: Workflows and our dual-platform mobile app! Check out some changes to our Posts module permissions, as well. Read on to see everything that will be going out this weekend.

For more information on our new Inbound Marketing package, check out the new section in the Knowledge Base!  

We have added some additional Posts permission options, including settings for “View, Edit, Publish & Delete (My Posts Only)” and “View, Edit & Delete (My Posts Only).” No current permissions should be changed. This will allow you to restrict permissions so that individuals will only be able to edit their own posts. 

Mobile app
Users can now tap to open constituent phone numbers and emails from the mobile app directory!

Admins can now upload static lists of subscribers in Workflows, similarly to how they add subscribers in Messages. 

We have also added a “last updated” filter to static group subscriptions for Workflows.

In Messages, we have fixed an issue that was affecting the uploaded email verification process, showing strange scrolling.

We are actively working on allowing for push notifications from Messages into the mobile app. You may see an option appear for this on the List settings menu, but it will not be active.

Knowledge Base
We have fixed some broken links in the Knowledge Base so that all of the helpful information in there is fully accessible to everyone again.

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