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Software Updates: August 1, 2020
Lauren Lentini

Our development team took a well-deserved break from releases this past cycle, but they used the time wisely! We’re bringing you some major improvements, including the implementation of a brand-new feature that many of you have been clamoring for.

With this release, Composer editors who do not have publishing rights will be able to submit a request to publish! That’s right, folks, those users will be given the option to email a particular site admin, including the publish comment, and ask for that page to be reviewed and then published. This has been a hotly requested feature, and we’re excited to offer this improvement. 

We’re also always looking out for your page-load speeds and your reputation with the SEO masterminds at Google, so we’re rolling out some homepage optimization features this time, as well. You’ll probably only notice the changes if your homepage video is longer than 30 seconds. Read on to find out more about the upcoming release.

Mobile App

  • On iOS, links within Posts will no longer require a “long press” to open.

  • We’re making improvements to the way notifications are highlighted in the app. On the “more” screen, a badge will appear if there are unread notifications, and you’ll see the badge on the “Notifications” link itself.

  • In addition, unread notifications in the app will be boldface, and previously read notifications will appear in normal type.

Composer Dashboard

  • The Knowledge Base link on the Dashboard will no longer lead to a 404 page. Hooray, knowledge!


  • Composer will be updated with the functionality to request publication of a page that the admin doesn’t have publishing rights for, as well as the ability to approve or deny that publish request. 


  • We’re updating the logic for sending a message to a person who has unsubscribed from a mailing list. If they are subscribed to at least one mailing list that the message is being sent to, they will now receive the message, even if they are unsubscribed to another mailing list on that message.

  • It will now be easier to resolve duplicates when uploading addresses to a mailing list. If an address has been uploaded before but isn’t tied to a constituent, we’ll automatically update that data instead of asking you to choose between the existing and new information.


  • We fixed an error that was prompting users to log in to post a comment even though that option wasn’t checked on the post.


  • New homepage optimization features will be deployed. These changes are outlined and further explained in the Knowledge Base. In brief:

    • Homepage videos longer than 30 seconds will be clipped if the playback controls are hidden on the page.

    • Homepage videos longer than 30 seconds will be paused if the playback controls are shown. Users may click to continue playing the video.

    • “Lazy loading” will be implemented for resources that are not immediately visible on the homepage. These files will load when the user begins scrolling down the page.

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