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Software Updates: August 10, 2019
Lauren Lentini

Happy August! In these lazy, hazy days of summer, we’re still working hard to bring you new features and tweak some existing ones.

With this release, we’ve added the ability to access your message reports directly from the messages list, saving you an extra click. We’ve also made it possible to move all your posts from one board to another--now you can easily merge boards if you decide it’s time to reorganize. 

Check out some other new features from this release below!


  • On the Constituent Map element, we’ve added the ability to measure in kilometers, in addition to miles. 


  • Internal name is now a required field to create a message. 

  • And now that internal names are required, we’ve changed the column header in the Messages list from “Internal Name/Subject” to just “Internal Name.”

  • We added an icon so you can now access a sent message’s report directly from the Messages list.

  • When you’re sending a marketing message, you’ll be able to see how many subscribers that message will be sent to.

  • The Find Recipient feature isn’t case-sensitive anymore! You can find a recipient, a Recipient, or even a RECIPIENT.


  • We’ve moved the location of the post URL to right below the subject line, making it much easier to find and copy. 

  • You can now move all the posts on a board to a different board.

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