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Software Updates: August 15, 2020
Lauren Lentini

After our big reveal of the request-to-publish feature in our last software update (if you missed it, check out our August 1 release notes), this week’s updates are comparatively light.

In our mobile app, you’ll now be able to subscribe to get notifications when a new post has been published to a board. In the details view of a post, there will be a subscribe button, and once subscribed, you’ll be notified whenever a new post is added and see a badge icon in the app.

Read on for details and a another update to our mobile app. 

Mobile app

  • We’ve added the ability to subscribe to a board in the app. Once subscribed you will receive a notification whenever a new post is published to that board.

  • You’ll now only see notifications in the app that were sent after you subscribed to a list. Unsubscribing and resubscribing to a list will clear out all notifications sent prior to resubscribing.

  • Mobile App

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