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Software Updates: August 31, 2019
Lauren Lentini

It’s back to school for many of us, so Happy New School Year! This is our crunch time here on the FS Support team, as well. We thank you in advance for being patient with us, as our response times may be a bit longer than usual with higher ticket and call volume.  

This week’s release includes a long-awaited Facebook sharing photo update, fixes a Calendar Tools issue, adds functionality to Messages and Posts, and more!  

Thanks for tuning in!


  • When sharing a page to Facebook for the first time, the page’s image will be included in the preview -- previously this image was displayed only after the post was added to Facebook.

  • We have corrected an issue in the Calendar Tools element so that, if only the Athletic Team calendars are selected to be shown, no other site calendars show as an option to select.


  • When a message is successfully sent, a confirmation message will be sent to the reply-to address in addition to the person who created the message.

  • You can also now save a message as a template!


  • All admins of Posts boards will now be able to see subscription information. 

  • When moving posts to another board in bulk, you’ll be able to move the subscribers along with them.

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