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Software Updates: February 1, 2020
Lauren Lentini

February has really crept up on us here at Glastonbury HQ, but we’re not sorry because it means spring is that much closer. We try to stay warm by keeping busy, so we’ve prepared some great updates for you!

This week’s release brings some exciting changes and clarity to Messages reporting. First, the message list will break down how many emails and app notification sends each message had. Delving into the message itself, the “Total Sent” box now also includes how many messages weren’t sent, because they were duplicates, unsubscribed, or suppressed. Finally, you’re getting a whole new tab on the Message Report! The “Activity” tab will allow you to filter on recipients’ behavior, so you can see who received, opened, and clicked on a message right there. Best of all, this report is permanent.

We’re also making a change to the filter on the Posts list view -- instead of the color bar, you’ll see the dropdown menu you’re already familiar with from Messages. There are other cool changes to calendars, Resources, the mobile app, and Posts, so keep reading!


  • The Calendar element will now have the ability to show the description field on the page when you’re using the grid format.


  • The sent message report will feature a new “Activity” section to show recipients’ sent/delivered/opened/clicked data. Filtering on this information is coming soon!

  • The “Total Sent” box will now include a “Did Not Send” section to clarify why the number of subscribers on a mailing list may not match how many messages were sent.

  • You’ll also be able to see a breakdown of how many mobile notifications and how many emails were sent out from the Message List screen.

Mobile app

  • The calendar name will no longer display when any event list only has one calendar selected.

  • You’ll be able to see the notes for an event in the event details.

  • Locations will now be shown in directory profiles.


  • Filter bar for expired/published/scheduled/unscheduled posts will be replaced with a dropdown list.

  • External redirect posts will now have the “Read More” link at the bottom (when that option is selected to display).


  • We’re removing the hard-to-read thumbnail text that appeared on top of the custom thumbnail image for a gallery in the Resource Grid element.

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