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Software Updates: February 15, 2020
Lauren Lentini

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our development Cupids have been showing some love to the underwater aspects of the software, so we only have a few updates to highlight this week. Messages users, however, will be enamored of the new feature in Find Recipients that adds a link to managing subscription preferences for the recipient. Now you can easily update those preferences for your constituents, if they request it. We’re also adding a new warning message to the mobile app settings, hoping to alleviate some of the confusion about why certain content doesn’t display in the app if you’re using Locations. 


  • We recently added the ability to display both Notes and Description fields in the Calendar Grid element. Now, there will be a visual separator between the two when both are shown.


  • An icon will appear next to the recipient’s name in Find Recipient that links to their subscription preferences.

Mobile app

  • When Locations are enabled for an app, a warning will now be displayed message, indicating that any content not associated with a location will not be displayed in the mobile app.

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