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Software Updates: February 16, 2019
Keegan Soncha

Happy Valentines Day! While the snow continues here in New England, we hope everyone is staying warm! In this release, we have addressed some issues in Messages affecting permissions and dynamic content. We’ve also spruced up the dashboard to show if any messages had difficulty sending. 

We’ve added some tricks for tracking board category deletion in Posts, added security to forms, and fixed an HTML issue in constituent bios, too!  

See below for all of the details!

The “Most Recent” calendar events option was removed from athletic and calendar dynamic content in Messages, as there was ongoing confusion as to which events to display. The other event range options remain. If you use dynamic content, you will want to check your date range settings before sending your next message. 

We corrected an issue where “admin”-level permissions did not allow for unlocking and locking of elements in templates.

Extra padding in Messages will no longer disrupt the alignment of the athletics dynamic content elements.

The Messages dashboard now displays an admin notification across the top when a message has failed to send.

We can now track when a Post board category is deleted, which will make it easier to identify who deleted it, and to restore it if ever necessary.  

To increase security, we disabled browser autocomplete on password input fields. 

We fixed an issue that was stripping HTML from Constituent Manager biography information fields, so any links added will now remain. 

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