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Software Updates: February 2, 2019
Keegan Soncha

This Release will update a few areas of Messages, including some admin permissions and dynamic content issues. We are also excited for some improvements to Finalsite Payments powered by BlueSnap that help streamline the payment process for users!

See below for all of the details on this week’s release! 

Messages sending permissions have been updated so admins can now have specific list permissions.

We have added a failed message indication on the Message List screen to make it clear if a message has failed to send.  

We have fixed a Dynamic Content issue in Messages that was showing events from the day before, even when the event date range was set to 0 days before today. Message Dynamic Content is now correctly adhering to the “within a Day Range” setting.

We have also added a color picker so users can select colors right there within Dynamic Content formatting in Messages.

The Messages list will now show messages without the admin having to first search.

We fixed an issue with shared container elements, where Resource videos placed within those elements would not play. This now works as expected! 

Finalsite Payments powered by BlueSnap
When a Finalsite Payments gateway is the only payment method offered on a form, users will be taken directly to the payment page upon completing the form. This eliminates a major step in the form submission process that should improve conversions.

We’ve added a feature that allows you to remove department and location memberships based on the membership data in your feed. This is now available for clients on our new integration platform using Veracross, BlackbaudOn, FinalsiteOpen, and Active Directory Integration. Contact a support representative if you are interested in enabling this in your data integration. 

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