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Software Updates: January 19, 2019
Keegan Soncha

Hi everyone!  We have a large release going out this weekend, so get excited to see these updates headed your way on Monday. Messages is getting some TLC this release, including adding a Messages Dashboard showing summary info and adding the ability to migrate lists from eNotify to Messages!  See below for all of the details!

We hope everyone has a great week!  


  • The YouTube element is the most recent element to be updated to the darker grey modal version.

Constituent Manager

  • In Constituent Search, you can now select both locations and departments in checkboxes, instead of only being able to select one at a time via dropdown.  


  • We have added an eNotify-to-Messages list migration! Once migrated over, the admin will see a view of what was included in the eNotify list and what will and will not be included in the new Messages list.  Check out our Knowledge Base article for more info.
  • We added a “Video” element to Messages where you can link to YouTube or Vimeo and it will automatically create a thumbnail and link out to your video, all in one step!
  • We’ve added a Messages Dashboard to show you a quick summary of how many messages have been sent from your organization.
  • Messages Templates no longer have a blue background color by default (oops!); instead we have updated this to a white background.  
  • We have fixed a few issues that were causing 500 errors within the Messages module, such as re-subscribing a user and trying to save edits to a template due to alt text restrictions. When adding a group to a list, the system will now skip null addresses to prevent the error. 
  • In Messages Notifications, there is now a link to direct users over to their other Subscriptions in Constituent Manager. 
  • You now have the ability send “test” messages from within Templates.


  • Searching within your resources will now be much clearer, as Resource filters will be expanded by default.
  • A default alt text value for PDF thumbnail images will be added by default. You can still customize the alt text for these thumbnails whenever you’d like.

Finalsite Payments by BlueSnap

  • Full support for ACH payments is now available through Finalsite Payments.
  • We have added the ability to customize the email message sent to customers/donors when their ACH payments have been completed by the processor, and when “Other Type” payments have been marked as Completed by admins in Forms/Payment Manager


  • Composer
  • Constituent Manager
  • Finalsite Payments
  • Messages
  • Resources

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