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Software Updates: January 5, 2019
Keegan Soncha

Happy 2019 everyone! We are back early this year with a release complete with a few new improvements to Messages and Resources and a bit of bug squashing for Composer. Don’t forget that our newest module, Messages, can be enabled at any time as long as you have Composer, eNotify, and Resources. Feel free to check out our Knowledge Base article about it! 

Here’s what’s in this release:


  • When adding a new layout element to a page, the element’s title will now be hidden by default.
  • When changing column arrangement on the new layout elements, forms elements will now resize appropriately.
  • Panel titles will no longer erroneously appear on Personalization elements. 
  • Our eNotify messages archive element will now correctly show messages within a date range. 


  • We have removed the limit on nested galleries. You can now nest galleries beyond three levels! 
  • We corrected an issue where errors were occurring when linking single resource elements to open in a popup or link to another page.


  • We corrected an issue where some users were seeing errors when trying to subscribe to boards while not logged in. 


  • When sending a message, you will now be able to see a preview of the dynamic content that will be included when the message is sent.
  • Messages templates will now include a Preview option. Template Previews will also show any dynamic content. 

Finalsite Learn

  • Printed reports will once again show attendance if that option is selected. 
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