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Software Updates: July 4, 2020
Lauren Lentini

We’re singing a song of freedom in the U.S. this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we’re not bringing you a release, as well! This time, we're focused on Messages. Be sure to look out for the new breadcrumb navigation as you’re browsing through Messages views -- it’ll lead you back where you started. Read on for more!


  • There will now be breadcrumb navigation on all the views in Messages, so you can find your way back when you’re in a list, workflow message, message, or template.

  • On the Dashboard Usage Report, we’re giving you an indicator color if your messages are close to or exceeding capacity. We want you to know when it’s time to have a chat with your Client Success rep! 

  • We’re also adding the capacity number to the Usage Report. 

  • When you add a subscriber to a list through the Contact or Upload tab, and that subscriber has selected “Invite Only” as their preference, they’ll now receive an invitation immediately. 

  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused very large mailing lists to fail when uploaded. 

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