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Software Updates: June 20, 2020
Lauren Lentini

This week’s release is not one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it set of tweaks. This time, the entire Messages tab is getting a facelift! We’re implementing a bunch of changes to the list view user interface that will make it easier to view, sort, search for, and link to your messages. Check out the details below! 

Another not-so-subtle change this week is that we’re going to be directing you to the new Composer Dashboard the first time you log into Composer (or after you clear your cookies). If it’s not your first time logging in, though, you’ll still be able to pick up where you left off.

Keep reading to find out what else is changing in this software update. 


  • We’re adding a “Change Password” link to the dashboard, right above the Support and Training buttons.

  • Composer users will be directed to the Dashboard when they log in. However, If your login timed out, you will still go back to where you left off when you log back in.


  • The new look for the Messages list view includes: 

    • Replacing the table headers with sorting dropdowns

    • Adding a link to the archived version of each message to the list view

    • Rearranging the status, name, and list columns

    • Adding a search by tag feature

    • Displaying the click and open percentages on the list view

    • Adding a filter list to the left-hand side of the list view


  • Users publishing a post to a board with subscriptions enabled will receive a reminder that the post will also send an alert email to the board’s subscribers.

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