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Software Updates: March 16, 2019
Keegan Soncha

We’ve made it to March! We have released some additional features for Messages that we wanted to share with you this week. The first is the ability to search free images, and the second is the ability to include custom social media icons. Check out our Knowledge Base articles on Messages templates for more information about these new features. See below for more of what we are releasing.

You can now drag and drop an image into a message. Previously, this had been causing an error saying that a resource/file was not found. Now, if a file is dragged and dropped in, it will be in the Messages folder in Resources.

We have fixed an issue to correctly align the Find Recipient feature with the Activity Log actions for Messages. 

As they can in eNotify, Messages admins can now click on a recipient name to get to that user’s profile in Constituent Manager (as long as they have the appropriate role permissions). 

The Messages element will no longer show a message multiple times if it has been re-sent. 

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