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Software Updates: March 2, 2019
Keegan Soncha

This week, we have fixed some issue with migrating lists from eNotify to Messages and added some previewing capabilities for Messages merge tags.  We have also addressed some permissions settings and constituent export issues. See below for a complete list for this week’s release!  

We wanted to point out, for those clients using Feeds, that as of March 7, Google will no longer allow any third parties to add feeds from Google+, as it is shutting down this network. Preview posts from Google+ will still remain, but no new content will appear.    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We also would like to make you aware that on Saturday March 9, 2019, between 8:30am and 11:00am ET, the Messages and eNotify editor will be down for maintenance. Please see our Knowledge Base article for more information.

Happy March!


  • Admins can now preview any merge tags added to a message. In the preview of the message, you can do a “Preview As” for the users in that list.
  • In conjunction with this, admins can set permissions to be able to preview merge tags on a Message. There is a new column in the permissions section to accommodate this new setting. 
  • We have fixed an issue with migrating lists from eNotify to Messages.  
  • There is now a notification panel to show admins how to upload lists to Messages to help alleviate any confusion. 


  • Admins with the correct permissions can now add assets to themes.


  • We also fixed an issue with exporting Chinese characters correctly in Constituent Manager exports.
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