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Software Updates: March 30, 2019
Keegan Soncha

This week’s release includes some exciting updates to our Messages dashboard, fixes an issue with preventing bulk spam submissions to forms, and improvements to the process of inserting Google Tags!  

If you haven’t heard about Workflows, an additional product we are adding on April 15th that works with Messages, you should check out our most recent Finalsite Blog on what to expect for this new product. Interested in purchasing this product? Connect with your Client Success manager.

Please note, there will be a planned Messages and eNotify outage on Saturday, April 6, from 8:30-11:00am EST, for scheduled maintenance.  For more information on what to expect during this outage, please see the article in the Knowledge Base.  

The Messages Dashboard will now show subscriber activity, as well as information on recent and scheduled messages. 

You can now add individual contacts to a Messages list without first having to add them to a group or uploading a sheet.  Up to ten contacts can be added at a time, and all emails are checked for duplication in the list.  

The direct URL will no longer be available for messages in the draft state. The URL has been removed to prevent individuals from seeing the message prematurely. Once the message is sent, the URL will be available. If the message is deleted at any time, the URL will no longer function.

Google Analytics
We have added the ability to insert an alternate Google Tag Manager container according to Google’s specifications, so users who do this will no longer come across an error when making these changes.

We have put in additional backend protection against spam bots in Forms to help prevent schools from receiving huge numbers of spam form submissions.  

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