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Software Updates: May 11, 2019
Keegan Soncha

We are extremely excited to share with you some new features for the mobile app and Workflows this week! Admins will now be able to schedule workflows to activate at a later date and time, as well as clone full workflows.

We have moved around some settings from the left navigation to a gear icon in Messages and Workflows, so take a look at the new interface!

New iOS/Android Mobile App
The mobile app will now display a toggle button to switch between upcoming and past athletic events. 

Users can click on a past athletic event and see information about that event. 

The mobile app will now allow for filtering posts by board.

Users will always land on the dashboard when accessing Messages for ease of navigation and consistency.

Messages will now show the count of good, non-duplicate subscribers in the top bar. 

We have moved the permissions settings in Messages to a new gear icon in the upper-right corner of the dashboard. We have also changed “+ Message” to “Create Message” for consistency throughout the module.  

Admins will now have a checkbox option to automatically add users who already meet the trigger criteria to a workflow.  

The left navigation menu has been removed from the Workflows view, and the settings options, including permissions, have been moved to the gear icon in the upper-right corner. To facilitate this interface change, an “All Workflows” button has been added in the upper-left corner so you can easily navigate back to the full list of workflows.  

Admins can now clone a workflow, including steps, goals, and triggers!

Workflow admins can now schedule a workflow to activate via a date and time picker and determine whether users who already meet the trigger criteria should be added when the scheduled workflow becomes active. 

Registration Manager
Payment information and transaction data have been added to the to Session export to help schools track registrations and payments better.

We have also corrected an issue involving billing addresses defaulting to the U.S. but not starting with U.S. states.

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