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Software Updates: November 21, 2020
Lauren Lentini

If your organization uses our multi-platform mobile app, we’ve got some changes this week that you’ll be excited to see. First, we’re cleaning up the interface on the admin side and putting the settings for the Home screen behind an edit pencil, just like all the other tabs. In response to your requests, we’re adding dividers to the More menu! Assign a name to each divider and use it to group tabs together in the More menu. Dividers will help you organize your More menu, making it even easier for your community to find the information they’re looking for! Read on to see what else is new.

Mobile App

  • We cleaned up the Mobile App admin settings by consolidating all of the Home screen’s settings into a tab.

  • We’re adding a “Section” feature that will allow you to add dividers and titles to links on the More menu in the app. 


  • The Feeds Slideshow is getting a visual update, including the arrow style and the hover color scheme. (We’re changing from black-on-white to white-on-black.)

Forms Manager

  • For accessibility purposes, there will now be a legend at the top of any forms with required fields, indicating that the asterisk (*) next to the field label means that it’s required.

Live Streaming

  • You can now filter events in the Live Streaming element by sport, level, and/or gender.

  • More customization is now available for formatting event dates and times.

  • We're adding a new Live Streaming Tools element, which will allow users to filter the Live Streaming element for Athletic Events based on sport, gender, and/or level.


  • There will be a filter in the Activity Log of each workflow to show only certain activities, such as “Completed,” “Goal Met,” “Message Branch” yes and no, and others.

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  • Forms Manager
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