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Software updates: November 9, 2019
Lauren Lentini

Happy November! We hope everyone is staying warm and getting excited as we prepare for the holidays! Thank you again to everyone who made FinalsiteU London such a success. We look forward to seeing everyone at other upcoming events!  

This week’s release includes some exciting features and fixes to Messages and the mobile app. Stay tuned for additional updates and releases!


  • There’s now a click performance report in the Message Report, so you can tell how many people clicked on each link in your messages!

  • We have corrected an issue in Messages so that the sort by Status function works as intended.

  • We have fixed an issue with Posts dynamic content in which plain-text summary line breaks were being removed in messages.  

Mobile app

  • The app’s secondary color will now be assigned to linked content in the directory, emails and phone numbers.

  • Messages
  • Mobile App

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