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Software Updates: October 10, 2020
Lauren Lentini

We’ve got such an exciting release for you this week! We are introducing two huge new features that will change the way you publish content with Composer: (1) scheduled publish, and (2) unpublish. If you’re familiar with scheduling a message to send in Messages, you’ve already got a pretty good idea of how publishing a page in Composer is going to look. Now you can make timely updates to your page content--without having to make all your edits at a specific time! And when you have a page that doesn’t need to be online anymore, but you don’t want to delete it, you can now click “unpublish” under the More Actions menu in the bottom toolbar and pull it from the web. Users will see a 404 page if they hit the URL, and you no longer have to move the page or change the slug to hide it. For more information, refer to our Knowledge Base articles on scheduling publish and unpublishing pages.

You might think that’s plenty to be getting on with for one release, but there’s even more! Keep reading to find out about a new addition to the Composer Dashboard, click-through reports in Workflows, bug fixes for Posts and constituents and other updates.


  • We’re adding the ability to unpublish a page in Composer. If you unpublish a page, users will see a 404 page but the page will remain available in Composer.

  • We’re also making it possible to schedule publication of a page for a later date and time.

  • We updated the request to publish feature so that it shows the entire list of admins available to publish a page.


  • We fixed an issue preventing group space members from saving updated avatars.


  • The Finalsite status page will now be linked from the Composer Dashboard. 


  • In the Message Report activity log, you can now search by email address to easily see a recipient’s interaction with that message.


  • We resolved an issue where it wasn’t possible to change the alt text of a post thumbnail from the post title.


  • Each workflow message will now have its own clickthrough report! You’ll be able to see the same stats you love in Messages for workflow messages, as well. 

  • You’ll now be able to search the workflows list by name. 

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