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Software Updates: October 12, 2019
Lauren Lentini

Thanks for tuning in to Software Updates! We have another round of exciting updates to the Messages module and the mobile app going out this week, along with other fixes and improvements. In Messages, we’ve made template permissions and cloning easier. In the mobile app, we’ve added a login button to the home screen and made it easier for authenticated users to see private content.

In addition, we are now offering Crisis Mode for Composer sites. We encourage you to reach out to your Client Success Manager to learn more about it!

We look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming events! Happy October!


  • In the Notifications section of a user’s portal menu, mailing lists will now be in alphabetical order instead of in the order they were created.

  • Messages admins can now access template permissions and clone a template from the template grid list, instead of having to click into the template first.  

  • Find Recipient isn’t blank anymore! Admins will now see a cute message when they first arrive on the screen. 

  • There is now a progress bar to indicate monthly mobile notifications usage, based on contract capacity. 

  • The Message header will now display the internal name of the message instead of the subject.

Mobile app

  • A login button is now available at the top of the app home screen for unauthenticated users.

    • This button can be enabled in the settings of each mobile app, if login is already enabled.

  • The app now shows all roles in the Directory, even those a user does not have access to. A lock icon will appear next to any roles the users does not have permission to see.

    • If the user is not logged in, they will see a message letting them know they may need to log in to access private roles. 

    • If the user is logged in, they will see a message letting them know that they do not have permission to access certain roles.

  • We’ve fixed an issue with phone numbers formatted with parentheses and dashes. Users can now press those numbers to initiate a call to those phone numbers

  • Special characters in constituent profile fields will now display properly.

Page Pops

  • We’ve fixed an issue in which the Page Pops section wasn’t loading for some admins when a page with a Page Pop associated with it had been deleted.


  • Crisis Mode is now available to temporarily divert traffic from your website in case of emergency.

  • The latest element to have the dark background settings window is the Vimeo element!

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