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Software Updates: October 24, 2020
Lauren Lentini

Have you recovered from last cycle’s epic update? We’re still gushing about the ability to schedule publish and unpublish pages, so if you missed those announcements, you can catch up here. This week, we’re crushing some more bugs and making some improvements to a lesser-known element: the Live Streaming element. Finalsite Streaming is powered by LocalLive, and it lets you stream events from your school for all your constituents. In this release, we’re making the process of using Finalsite Streaming a little bit easier and improving the user experience when there are no events to display. But with so much going on that you want to share with your community, won’t you always have something to display?

Read on for more information about the fixes and updates in this release.


  • We’ve fixed an issue that occasionally prevented the content editor’s Composer page picker from loading. 

Live Streaming

  • It’s no longer necessary to enter the School ID when using the Live Streaming element.

  • If no events are available in the Live Streaming element, a “No events to display” message will appear in Composer and on the live site.


  • We changed the way that direct links to resources work so that, when a resource is deleted, it is immediately unavailable via that link. 

  • We fixed an issue with video playback in Resource Slideshow elements.

  • We fixed an issue where the alt text set in Resource elements or the editor were not overriding any alt text set in the Resources module.


  • We’ve resolved some spacing issues in the Calendar Slideshow element caused by the RSS and Alerts icons.

Finalsite Learn

  • We resolved an issue in the LMS where resources from shared folders were not able to be linked to calendar events.

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