• Bug Fixes
Software Updates: September 12, 2020
Lauren Lentini

We’re bringing you another small release this week, but that’s because we’ve got some bigger things in the works. (Sneak preview: It will soon be much easier to share content from Posts on Facebook and Twitter…) While we wait for those updates, we’ve got some more bug-crushing to report. Read on to find out more!


  • Images for the location logo will use the Resources alt text first, and the location name if no alt text is present in Resources.


  • We’ve fixed an issue that was causing messages not to send if the push notifications were configured incorrectly.

  • If a user is suppressed, they will no longer have a sent date reported when a list is exported.


  • We’re working on a new version of the Naviance SSO. We’ll be reaching out to clients who use this SSO with more information!

  • Integration
  • Locations
  • Messages

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