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Software Updates: September 28, 2019
Lauren Lentini

It’s officially fall, and the 2019-20 school year is well under way! There’s lots going on and several upcoming Finalsite Events, so join us for FSU, Prep, and webinars!  

This week’s release includes lots of fixes and updates for Messages, including adding the ability to BCC additional people at your school when a message is sent, displaying unsubscribe settings properly, and fixing dynamic content spacing.  

We have also fixed issues in Posts and Forms and added an option to Commerce!

Have a great week, all!


  • In Messages, admins can now add additional BCC emails to receive the Message Sent Successfully email.

  • We have fixed an issue that was showing users as unsubscribed when they were subscribed to a mailing list.  

  • Mailing list descriptions are now appearing on the notification screen.

  • An issue with spacing between items in Messages dynamic content has been fixed.

  • Messages will now respect the Global Unsubscribe settings from Constituent Manager, as set by users or admins.


  • We have fixed a bug that was preventing admins from moving a post from one board to another.  


  • Admins can now remove the “State/Province” field from the checkout in Commerce Manager.

Forms Manager

  • We have also resolved an issue with scheduled forms, which would change the scheduled time for the form based on the time zone. 

  • Commerce Manager
  • Forms Manager
  • Messages
  • Posts

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